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  • Updated: 22-02-2022
  • Version: 316
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Raft: Surviving on a raft on android will transport you to the endless ocean with the task of sustaining life for as long as possible. The place where you step forward is a place completely foreign to you, where there is no human civilization, surrounded on all four sides by man-eating sharks. With only one raft, will you be able to live to the last moment? In front of you next to the shark is hunger and thirst. We have prepared a mod version for you with a mod menu.
Mod Original
The developer menu is unlocked (you can open it after starting the game by clicking on the Cheats inscription in the upper left corner of the screen)
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On this page you can download cheats for Survival and Craft: Multiplayer mod 316 for Android!. And play on your Android smartphone or tablet for free.


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