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  • Updated: 28-01-2022
  • Version: 1.2.2
  • Google Play: Go over


Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter for Android is an action RPG that fights all kinds of classic dungeon monsters. Players will transform into immortal warriors to go into the dungeon, destroy skeletons and find the owner of the monster. The attraction of the game lies in the classic character battles. The hunter will travel to dark tunnels to fight and save the place invaded by evil people. The familiar gameplay of the RPG series makes it easy for players to get started without hurdles. Those who have never played can also take part in a combat role. For you, we have prepared a mod version with a lot of game currency, gold, mana, precious stones.
Mod Original
- Infinite Mana
- No Skill CD
- Unlimited Gold*
- Unlimited Diamonds*
- Unlimited Dust*
- Unlimited Inventory Space*
*use even don’t have enough
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On this page you can download cheats for Path of Evil: Immortal Hunter mod 1.2.2 for Android!. And play on your Android smartphone or tablet for free.


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