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  • Updated: 19-03-2022
  • Version: 2.1-play
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The Toca Lab is the gathering place for talented scientists of the future. When entering this world, the kid's fantasy for experimentation is limitless. As you know, Toca Boka is famous for games that awaken children's curiosity and explore the world. Color experiments will not have any general rules. Therefore, they play and learn at the same time in this vast world of entertainment.
There is no law or rule of time here, and we allow children to play freely with the elements. They can combine many different elements and catalysts to create a new element. Their imagination is limitless, so the finished molded products will be very diverse. Some unusual recipes will create unique new elements that will surprise you! We have prepared the full version of the game for you!
Mod Original
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On this page you can download cheats for Toca Lab: Elements mod 2.1-play for Android!. And play on your Android smartphone or tablet for free.


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