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Offered By: Melsoft Games Ltd ID Google Play: com.melesta.coffeeshop
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  • Updated: 16-03-2022
  • Version: 2022.3.1.0
  • Google Play: Go over


My coffee shop is a dream restaurant for android management simulation game in which the player will manage the staff and the dining room in point-n-click mode most of the time. This game is designed not only to control the players, but also for them to directly prepare food and drinks and serve the most delicious menus to the customers. Compared to other games, beverage and candy processing is different, but its entertainment is endless. In addition to serving customers in the shortest amount of time, players must modernize the restaurant, decorate the interior and create new designs to increase the income of the cafe-shop. In the future, players will have access to important and valuable events, and they will be able to receive many impressive rewards, including increased sales in restaurants. For you, we have prepared a mod version with useful features such as fast leveling up, fast movement of customers and staff. Fast receipt of ingredients.
Mod Original
- Instant receipt of ingredients;
- Some functions of VIP level 7 are available (if you need a fully working VIP - buy it for real money in the official version);
- After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left corner to open the mods menu, in which you can enable:

1 rapid level up (after gaining any amount of experience, wait for the level up window to appear)
2 fast movement of personnel.
3 fast movement of visitors.

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On this page you can download cheats for My Cafe — Restaurant Game mod 2022.3.1.0 for Android!. And play on your Android smartphone or tablet for free.


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